Bakery Battle Royal in Gyeonidan, Seoul, Korea

With the increased number of foreigners in the Gyeonidan and Haebangchon (out Noksopyeong Station Exit 2) area of Seoul, even more stores are opening to cater to this demographic- especially bread. Sure there is 2 Paris Baguette, Tour le Jours, and commercial breads at the Super Markets, but what about artisan bakers?

Bread from Wing Bakery in Gyeonidan

Recently, Wing Bakery opened where my beloved Istanbul Kebap Shop used to be. I was happy to see that at all and I was all set to hate on them from the getgo. There was a small problem through. Their bread is good. They fresh bake everyday (starting at 10am...they should start at 6 like normal bakers!!!) and their bread is all natural with no sugar and no butter. They make proper crusty bread like Rye Champagne, Seed Brot, Ciabatta, and crusty baguettes.

Bread from Wing Bakery in Gyeonidan

It's a tad expensive- a baguette costs 3,400 won, but it's real bread that you don't have to travel an hour for.

My first baguette there was cooked a tad too long, but I could tell it was made with proper dough. I will have to give them another try soon.

Now the other mercurial bakery is Daddy & Mom, up by the bus station in the Gyeonidan side. Their bread isn't awful, it's just very soft and chewy like it was made for the Korean palate. The owners are nice and I some times pick up a loaf early in the morning (they open early like a bakery should!).

Both have their niche, and I wish them both success. It's nice to know you can get fresh baked bread so close to home.


Wing Bakery in Gyeonidan

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