Knife-cut Chicken Noodle Soup Cooking Class on November 13th

On November 13th, we are having another expat special cooking class. Since the weather is getting cold, Chicken Noodle Soup is just perfect to beat the chill and just what the doctor ordered. In Korea, it's difficult to get your classic chicken noodle soup, but Korea has an excellent variation: knife-cut chicken noodle soup. You get silky knife cut noodles in a rich chicken broth.

During the class, Chef Hyejin will teach you how to make the noodles, the soup, and and a fresh turnip kimchi to go with the dish.

On the weekends we have an Expat Special so the class costs 55,000 won and you can get a 5,000 won discount by sending your money by bank transfer early. Be sure to RSVP by e-mailing Daniel Gray at

Come join Korea's exciting and fun food community.

O'ngo Food Communications

If you would like to send payment in advance you can send us a bank transfer at Woori Bank 1005-480-990616    (Choi Jia, O'ngo Food Communications) 최지아 온고푸드커뮤니케이션 우리은
You can find directions here: http://www.ongofood.c...

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