Open Thread: Where did you eat over the weekend?

Dear Seoul Eats Readers,

These days numbers are up and so are comments, so I wanted to invite everyone to share where they ate over the weekend. Let us know the skinny: was it good, bad, mediocre? Share so we all know.

As for me, on Saturday, I made Chicken Kalguksu for breakfast (just a taste, because I had to help with a cooking class). For lunch I had Korean tuna sushi rolls at a place in Insadong (I don't remember the name but it was down the alley across from McDonalds). The place was good and I'll be posting a video about it soon. Sunday was very interesting. I was writing the recipe for Mushroom Hot Pot for a food stylist and helped clean and prep. That evening we stopped at a road stop to have rich soybean stew (doenjang chiggae). All in all, a very Korean food weekend.

Let us know where you ate in the comments!

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