Photoblog: Korean Food Styling

Finding White Balance
I never knew how hard it was to do food styling until I started working on a new project to photograph 150 Korean foods and make them look good. Lighting is important and so is the color of the food. Every minuscule little detail must be in place. And the worst part of the whole thing is that often you have to use less seasoning to make the colors show through. Also, lots of the dishes have a bit of oil sprayed on it so they don't taste good (but it adds shine). Plus, you have to take tons of shots so by the time you are done, you're not in the mood to eat it anyway.

Here are some of our test shots (sorry, I can't show the final ones).

Kimchi Fried Rice

Bibimbap Course
Seaweed and Mussels Soup
Kimchi Chiggae Coursed Meal

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