Good-bye Florida and Thanks for all Weight

The Gray Family in Florida, USA
Well folks, my vacation to Florida is coming to an end. I am packed and ready to get on an airplane and head back to Seoul, Korea. I wanted to say thanks to my parents and my family for putting up with me for 2 whole weeks. Thank you so much. I also want to thank Brenda and Bob for their good humor and for taking good care of my parents. I spent a week eating, writing, and spending time with the family in sunny Florida. I think I'm going to have to come back sooner rather than later.

Now during my trip, I did my best to exercise almost everyday. I got a Kindle, so I even went for walks while reading it. Unfortunately, it was all for naught-I gained 2 pounds. So after I return to Korea, I'm going to go on a diet (I'm sure many others are resolving to do this as well). I might even join a fitness class or something.

Before we do that, here's some my found foodie memories in the USA.
Mexican Food at Abuelos, Florida
Bob and Brenda with their Lego Space Shuttle Model they built in 2 days

Rice Crispy Treat
Ham and Bean Soup
Brenda's Famous Chocolate Strawberries
Justin Bieber! What the hey?
Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry and Gouda...Yum
Flan at Abuelos in Florida

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