Photoblog: Shots from Jukdo Fish Market, Pohang, Korea

Jukdo Market, Pohang, Korea
Pohang is famous for Posco Steel, the sea, Gwamaeggi, and the Jukdo Seafood market. The seafood market is huge and you will find everything from dried fish, to kelp, to whale, and shark. There are thousands of venders and the streets are just packed with people getting their food fix. Here are some of my shots of the market. You can find my story on Pohang in the Korean Air inflight magazine: Morning Calm. I might be able to post part of that story here later.


Octopus, Shark and Sunfish

Sea Breeze Dried Mackerel: Pohang's Famous Food
Sea Breeze Dried Mackerel: Pohang's Famous Food
The Streets of Jukdo Seafood Market

Dried Fish
Some part of whale
More Whale Meat for Sale


Gwaemaeggi: Sea Breeze Dried mackerel
Whale Seller

Jukdo Market

Crab Signs

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