Ridiculously Hot Wings, Fried Pickles and Very Little Salad at Hurricanes in Florida

Ridiculously Hot Wings, Fried Pickles and Very Little Salad at Hurricanes in Florida
My sister is a wing connoisseur. She's one of those people that could be in the most exotic destination in the world famous for their local cuisine eating at the most authentic restaurant in the city and she would order wings. So...while in Florida we had to test out the best wings Florida had to offer.

Apparently, the best place is called Hurricanes and they are famous for their 30 different sauces- especially their aptly named "Ridiculously Hot Hurricane Sauce." Oh, it's hot. It starts by burning off your tastebuds on your tongue and then spreads to your cheeks and forehead. After a few minutes your face feels like it is about to burn off and you are left in a beautiful state of euphoric pain. It's nice. I should have bought a bottle.

They also had fried pickles there- they just added them to the menu. These were good, but I was told not as good as my first attempt at them.

The menu is pretty diverse- what you would expect at a typical franchise place. I ended up getting the chicken sandwich tossed in buffalo sauce-just the extra hot Hurricane sauce (level 4 sauce). The buns were toasted and smeared with butter. My father had the steak sandwich and this was outstanding as well. The roll was sooo soft.

Oh, and the wings? According to my sister: "A bit too crunchy for my taste, but the sauce was alright." So...they are ok, but she has had better. I thought they were alright. The restaurant goes heavy on the butter on everything (I think that's their secret). They fry things well and the oil must be changed regularly because everything had a nice sheen to it.

The salads are not salads here- so I don't recommend it. I substituted fries with a salad and I ended up getting bagged lettuce topped with a ton of shredded cheese and three rings of red onion. I didn't know that I should have asked for extra salad and hold the cheese. The balsamic dressing was pretty gross as well. 

I would say that this place is much better than Hooters for wings and the service was just as nice.


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