Sultan Chicken with Sultana Raisins and Couscous

Sultan Chicken at Petra Restaurant
I had a daytime off the other day and I was thinking about where I should go eat and I remembered one of my haunts of old: Petras. It's an Arabian/ Mediterranean place that I used to go with my vegetarian friends (yes, I have vegetarian friends). I think at that time I might have been faux-vegetarian as well. Anyway, it's as good as always and they recently renovated. My go-to dish here is the Sultan Chicken: a slow roasted chicken dish with chick peas and sultana raisins in a tomatoey sauce. Really good stuff. They were even nice enough to let me substitute couscous instead of rice- not that their rice is bad. It's the buttery, olive sauce kind; but I was in the mood for couscous.

The yogurt sauce and the chili sauce they serve with the couscous is favoriffic (sorry, I don't know why I am writing like a middle schooler today LOL ROFL).

I highly recommend you check them out. And for those who have, it's a good place to revisit. They have recently renovated so there are more seats and the interior looks more posh. Now if we could only get them to fix the stairs leading up to the restaurant (they are dangerously steep).

Petra Restaurant
Arabian/ Mediterrarean Restaurant
Recommended dishes: tabouli, hummus, kebab, sultan lamb, and falafel
552 Itaewon-Dong Seoul
English Spoken
Directions: Go out Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) and go out exit 1. Go up and cross the bridge and make a right.

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