Korean Professional Cooking Class at O'ngo

For those looking to learn the finer points of Korean cuisine, O'ngo Food has started Professional level cooking classes taught by the extraordinary Professor Jia Choi. Professor Choi has a PhD in food and nutrition and specializes in Korean food history, table setting, and cooking. She worked as a food stylist for many years before she started O'ngo Food Communications. I truly feel blessed to work with such a professional person. Jia is fluent in three languages: Korean, Japanese, and English so she has taught people from all over the world.

Here she is with 4 chefs from Japan from the Fuji Mien Hotel in Japan and they are learning a range of different dishes. In this particular professional class they learned about the different sauces then they made several side-dishes, chicken and ginseng soup, braised beef ribs, and kimchi. These were the dishes they wished to make in order to introduce these flavors in their own hotels.

The chefs were amazingly skilled and they soaked up the information very quickly. Their dishes also tasted great as well- Korean with a slight Japanese accent.

After the class, we went on a Korean Market tour where we tried several more dishes. Overall, a great day of food.



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