Early Morning at Cup and Bowl

Cup and Bowl: Bakery and Soup Cafe

I have always been an early riser. Back in the day I was the guy that loved to work the 4am coffee shift at the local cafe. It was fun being up that early to help people get going through the day. Early risers are special people( I think).Now the problem in Korea is that there aren't many places you can go early in the morning to get a good cup of coffee and a morning snack. Sure there are Starbucks and McDonalds, but do should we even go there? In the states, these were last resorts.

This morning my cleaning lady (who is also a very early riser came to my house to start cleaning at 7am. Out of shame for how messy I am, I left my stuffy, cluttered abode. I wandered over to Itaewon to check my options.Micky D's, Tarbucks, and Cup and Bowl.

I decided to take a chance at Cup and Bowl and I am glad I did. The bright eyed Barista greeted me and I ordered a espresso (a regular double is 3,500) and a pecan and fig scone.

Both were outstanding. The espresso had nice crema and it was extracted with care. The pecans in the scone were crisp and the figs gave it a chewy deliciousness.

Lovely place, good vibe and they open at 8:30 am.

Cup and Bowl
Across and up the hill from Itaewon's McDonalds

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