Kyotofu's Kaiseki Tofu Desserts

Originally Published in the February Issue of Seoul Selection Magazine.

Kaiseki at Kyotofu Seoul
Kaiseki Tofu Dessert at Kyotofu Tofu dessert sounds like a health food experiment gone horribly wrong; but when you open up a dessert place next to Edward Kwon's The Spice and Passion 5, you must have some game. They do. The Kaiseki (Japanese Coursed Meal) dessert will have you...pun intended...eating your words. The sweet tofu with kuromitsu (Japanese black honey) tastes like a fine flan and I couldn't believe that the creamy, rich black sesame ice cream was made with soy milk. The Green Tea (matcha) creme brulee has all the caffeine pow of a shot of espresso but with a subtler flair. It was almost perfect except the yuzu cheese tart. It had a spongy, fickle texture (next time, I will ask for a substitution). Oh, and the vegan chocolate was also quite good.

Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong 682-1 02-749-1488
Go out Hanganjin Station (Line 6) exit 3.
Price Range: 10,000-30,000 per person
Kyotofu in Seoul, Korea

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