April Cooking Classes at O'ngo Culinary School

Cooking Classes at O'ngo Culinary School
Saturday, April 2nd we’ll be having our banchan with doenjang chiggae cooking class at 11am at O’ngo Culinary School located in Insadong. This class is specially priced at 55,000 won per person. If you purchase 3 classes, it only costs 45,000 won per class (135,000 won). Classes carry over to next month.
Our next month’s offerings are:

April 2nd: Banchan (Korean Side Dish) Class with Doenjang Chiggae (Soybean Stew)
April 9th: Mandu and Bibimguksu
April 16th: Sundubu and Seafood Pancake

 You can find us by going out Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) Exit 4 and walk 2 blocks and make a left after Young’s Music and Pizza Haven. We are on the 3rd Floor in the building across from Crown Hotel.

You can sign-up by contacting us at ongofood@ongofood.com
O’ngo Food Communications
Jongno-gu, Nagwon-dong 55-1
Nagwon-dong Zip 110-709

Korean Bank Transfer Information: If you would like to send payment in advance you can send us a bank transfer at Standard Chartered SC (제일은행) Choi Jia (최지아) 128-20-434974.

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