Review: A Cafe among Love Motels: Café de L'ange

Written and Photographed by Aaron JacksonCrabb
Café de L'ange near Heyri Village
This is the sixth time in fifteen days I have returned to Café de L’ange for a delicious cup of green tea latte. Off the beaten path, stuck between two enclave’s of love motels and trapped on the west side of the outdoor cinema in Beopheung-ri, this little coffee shop appeals to all five senses. It’s simplified space, minimalist furnishings and splendid décor keeps the eyes occupied while the fingers are enticed to touch the white brick counter, stroke the flannel blankets and run along the top of the 40-foot leather couch. Softly jazz singers waft their ballads in Korean and western voices. These ballads bounce off the white brick walls adding to the warm homey ambience. During my first encounter a subdued scent of lilac filled the air. Today it’s a muted mix of cinnamon and spice. Sitting down I pick the table at the cusp of the corner where the leather couch changes directions along the back wall. From here I can enjoy the view inside the café as well as peak out the six-eight foot storefront windows at the pine trees swaying in the wind.

Pulling out my Seoul Lonely Planet 2007 edition, flipping through the pages, occupying my time as I await the latte. Sounds of metal tinkering, spoons swirling and milk being poured distracts my attention as my lips dry out and my tongue salivates for the first sip.

The door opens, the chimes rattle and the coffee shop workers stand at the counter greeting their next customer. With each new customer I observe their attire, mood and behavior trying to match the person to their drink when a staff member wanders over with a tray. Reaching out she sets down the white saucer holding the cup with the green tea latte its frothy white milk swirling around the vibrant green tea powder. Knowing she’s not done, I smile when her hand sets the small yellow ramekin on the table with two Belgian Caramelized Cookies, all this for 3,700 won.

One benefit to enjoying this café is I have to meander down the road a short fifteen-minute stroll in order to enjoy this quiet café during the week. Weekends are slightly more crowded but there is always a seat to be had with the six-table patio out front for enjoying those great afternoons after enjoying a visit to nearby Heyri Art Valley or Odusan Observatory. The coffee’s range in price from espresso’s 3,300 to Vienna drip coffee’s 8,000 won. Plus a range of desserts like the triple layer chocolate mousse cake, a personal favorite for 3,000 won or try a slice of lemon cheesecake or a nib lit of dark chocolate. If coffee or dessert isn’t your ‘cup of tea’ then they have just that a wonderful selection of loose-leaf teas like rosehip and peppermint or perhaps you need something a bit stronger after a long workday like a Heinekin or Miller. Still haven’t found what will wet your whistle then pick from a selection of lemonades, juice and smoothies to quench your thirst.

Café de L’ange tel. (031) 944-5231

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