D-Day is Coming: Guys, White Day is March 14th

March 14th is White Day in Asia
So I have gotten several e-mails asking about what White Day is, so Newbies, here is your cultural lesson for the day. February 14th (typically, what we consider to be Valentine's Day) in Asia is the day that women give chocolates to boyfriends (or guys they might be interested in). It is a downpayment for White Day (March 14th) where boys are supposed to return the favor with gifts. The tradition in Japan is to give 3 times the amount of chocolate that the girl gave in exchange. In Korea (in the past) guys would give gifts of sparkly wrapped hard candy, but that tradition is changing. These days many guys will give chocolate, cakes, take the girls out to romantic dinners, and...lingerie.

You can find out more information on White Day and other holidays on the 14th here:

The 14th of the Month in Korea: Beware the Ides of February, March, April, May...

Here is a list of restaurants, I recommend see this list: http://www.seouleats.com/2011/01/valentines-day-seoul-restaurant-guide.html


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