Eat Like a King at Suraon

Suraon Royal Korean Feast, Seoul
A reader asked me the other day, where is a good place that I can go to take my parents that want to see a bit of a show and eat a wide range of Korean food in a more upscale atmosphere. Ok, 1 person didn't ask for all those things, but 2 people did and it seems like a common thread. The place I recommend is Suraon: The King's Table. It's a good first meal for the uninitiated. The food is colorful and so is the restaurant. They get many foreigners who visit there, so they have English menus and the waitstaff is generally very understanding. I would say they have one of the better Korean shows. I went to the one at Sanchon about 1 month ago and I wasn't very impressed. Actually, I wasn't impressed with the food at Sanchon either. The first time I went it was awesome, not it seems to have lost some of the spark that it originally had.

Anyway, the musicians and dancers at Suraon are youthful and skilled. The food is plentiful and well seasoned. I wouldn't say that it was the most authentic, real Korean food- it's a bit more acidic and tangy.

Like I said, it's good for first time visitors. If you have been here for a while, it might be a bit unimpressive. Just when you take your wide-eyed friends, remember what it was like to experience Korean food for the first time.

Suraon: The King's Cuisine
Restaurant Type: Contemporary Royal Court Cuisine
Location: Express Bus Terminal
Telephone: 02-595-0202
Specialty: Lunch and Dinner Royal Court Meal Courses
Directions: Go out Express Bus Terminal Subway (3 Line Orange) Exit 3 and walk straight. It's about 200 meters down on the right.
Suraon Royal Korean Feast, Seoul
Suraon Royal Korean Feast, Seoul

Suraon Royal Korean Feast, Seoul
Suraon Royal Korean Feast, Seoul

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