Frypan Chicken Redux: Deliciousness Piled Up

The Frypan: Seoul's Fried Chicken Strips
There is a serious backlog of posts that I need to start hammering out, so let's get started with the Frypan. This is a Hongdae University joint that started out as a school project and has now become a nationwide franchise. The place is hip and everything has a youthful vibe going on. I love how everything is made fresh- even the thinly sliced potato chips. You can get boneless chicken strips made from breast meat or you can get chicken legs for those looking for some flavorful dark meat. The dipping sauces are nice as well- I think a Thai chili sauce and a mayonnaise garlic dip.

The boat of salad is good as well and pairs nicely with all the greasiness.

These kids figured out the game for making money, so you can't order the giant humongoid pictures of Korean beer. They have ice-cold, individual mugs of beer.

Oh, and their pickled turnip things have a curry zing to them and come out yellow.

Of note: I believe these kids got their inspiration from Reggae Chicken, a hippie mainstay in Hongdae. Read about Reggae Chicken here. 

Locations throughout Seoul
The Frypan Chicken Seoul
The Frypan Chicken Seoul

The Frypan Chicken Seoul
The Frypan Chicken Seoul

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