Hangover Soup to Ease Your Woozy Head

Pork back Hangover Soup 
Got a hangover? Well, the best way to cure it is with a bowl full of piping hot soup full of pork-back bones, potatoes, and wild sesame seeds. Trust me. Much better than a plate full of eggs, sausages, and toast. Wondang Gamjatang isn't the best place for this hangover stew, but it's a pretty reliable bet- plus you can find them all around the country. The kicker for this place is the ground wild sesame seed on top of the soup with the fresh green onions. They add a very herby-nutty flair to this dish. The broth is great as well- nice and porky.

Rice also does a great job of sopping up any leftover alcohol in your belly as well.

(If you are not hungover, it is just as good. I was not actually hungover when I had it.)

I have fond memories of this dish for it was my first breakfast when I came to Korea 6 years ago. These restaurants typically stay open 24 hours, so you can get it anytime you'd like.



Wondang Kamjatang
Locations around the country.
This one is located in Insadong down the street from the McDonalds.
Pork back Hangover Soup at Wondang Kamjatang

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