Omija Makgeolli and Awesome Braised Pork and Octopus

Omija Makgeolli
Awesome Braised Pork and Octopus with Eggplant and Potatoes!
So...again, this is another place that I love and I'll tell you about it, but you have to promise to behave if you go. This is a local Korean hotspot that is sort of a speakeasy. It's hidden and in such a nondescript place that you probably wouldn't even know it was there. Also, it's one of those places that it helps to know someone that knows the place (if not, you'll never get a table). You might have to wait for a while and you'll probably have to make a reservation.

Now if I haven't scared you off yet, this place has amazing food. They are famous for their healthy (this is under debate) food and their use of fresh ingredients. The food here is flavorful and fresh. They make Makgeolli (Rice Wine) with Omija essence. Their jeon and acorn salad are wonderful as well. I really enjoyed their seasonal fresh oysters with vinegared red chili sauce. The oysters were well cleaned and put in salted water for an adequate amount of time so the sand could be released (this is how you know if they are properly cared for). 

The star of the evening was their Awesome Braised Pork and Octopus with Eggplant and Vegetables (매운돼지갈비). This is a flavor bomb whose sauce should be savored slowly after bowl after bowl of rice. The sauce is so good and flavorful, that I actually felt like I was in Thailand. Yes, this dish tastes like Thai Red Curry.

Just to note, don't get their Kimchi Chiggae. I had it once and it was sweet and weird. Get the jeon, get the omija makgeolli and the 매운돼지갈비. They are great!


Hannam Bukeotguk
Seoul, Yongsan-gu Hannamdong 73-2
Directions: It's over by the old Danguk University in Hannam-dong. You'll see the cross walk on the side of the Richen Apartment and make a left at Munyakguk (문약국). Make reservations.

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