The "Original" Original Hongdae BBQ House

This was originally published in the March Issue of Seoul Magazine. It is reprinted with permission.

Hongdae is famous for barbecue and Original Dongmakjip was one of the trendsetters for the area. They became famous for first offering American Beef. This was a big hit until the Mad Cow scare. Then the restaurant changed its strategy to offer marinated pork and beef barbecue. The scoring of the meat and real wood charcoal on copper grills makes their barbecue exceptional. Oh, and another great thing are the hollow drum seats that you can put your bags and jacket in so you won't reek like barbecue when you head out to the clubs and bars in Hongdae.

Woncho Donmakjip
Mapo-gu,Donggyo-dong, 161-8

Directions: Go out Hongdae Station (Subway line 2) Exit 1 and walk straight. Make a right at the corner with the hanok-roofed gas station.

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