School of Salmon Spotted at Seoul's Fish Market

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seoul Fish Market
I got a question the other day from a reader of Seoul Eats: "Dan, is there any place that I can get fresh salmon or salmon sashimi?"

Yes! The Noryrangjin Fish Market. As you probably know my company does a regular fish market tour.  These days, I have noticed that more and more vendors have salmon for sale. They have it sliced up for sashimi with the vinegared red chili paste (cho-gochujang) and they even have fillets for sale. The vendors will debone the salmon for you- which is a plus, so all you have to do it go home and cook.

There are smoked salmon in the cases (no...not really smoked, but chemically smoked) and you can get lots of salmon for cheap there. Not bad on a bagel with cream cheese, a squeeze of lemon, sliced white onion and capers...yum.

The guy in the picture there is a hoot. He's a natural born salesman and he won't let you go until you buy something from him. He'll have salmon for sale- just ask him for a discount or he'll swindle you (but with a smile and a handshake).


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