Breakfast and Lunch: cheongukjang and omurice

O'mori Cheonggukjeong
This was breakfast at O'mori Kimchi Chiggae and yes, there was tofu and whole beans in the cheongukjang.  The anonymous jerk face that left this comment: " Do you even know what you are talking about? I have no idea what cheonggukjeong (청국정) is. 청국장 however.... 
The beans usually aren't whole and it is usually a paste with chunks of beans... 
The soup is also traditonally made with vegetables and very rarely contains 두부." 
is wrong. You know,  people might have a different recipe after all.
One of my favorite foods is Omurice- Fried rice topped with a thin sheet of fried egg. It's great topped with ketchup. It's even better with some side dishes such as cucumber kimchi.

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