Dinner at Congdu Restaurant

Hi Folks,

Between tours and work, my schedule hasn't left me a lot of time for blogging. Don't worry, I have still been taking pictures. Here is the dinner course that I had at Congdu Restaurant. It was a great dinner made even better by sharing it with friends. Once I can get to my computer, I will write a description of what I had.


50 Jongno-gu, Saemunan-gil Seoul National History Museum

#02-722-7002 www.congdu.com

Open from 11:30-2pm and 5:30pm to 10pm

Cost: 20,000 lunch and 35-100,000 a person for dinner.

Getting There: Go out Gwanghwamun Station (line 5) Exit 7 and walk straight for 5 minutes.



Carrot Puree, Spring Salad
Beef Tartar with caviar marinated with 5, 10, and 15 year old soy sauce
Seaweed Chicken Consumme with Rice Cake
Fried Tofu with Soybean Sauce and fresh kimchi
Braised Snapper with orange soybean sauce

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