Macarons across the Street from a Tiny Korean Restaurant

Macarons from Remins

I love exploring little side streets. There you'll often find traditional Korean restaurants and locally owned cafes that focus more on craft than big crowds. One of my favorite areas to visit is Bukcheon and Gahoe-dong. I think of it as the less touristy Insadong. This area is well known for the many hanok guest houses . The area has a lot of charm with the boutiques, restaurants, and antique shops. Oh, and many of the locations have been featured in Korean dramas.

One of my favorite cafes in the area is Reminis is a great place to get a slice of homemade chocolate cake  with a cup of coffee. The last time I went with a friend, we decided to get a few macarons. These were ok. Homemade and flavorful, they were ok. We ordered the blueberry, earl grey, and lemon macarons. The earl grey was the most interesting. I mean these are nowhere as good as Paulette Macarons in San Fran, but you can't eat macaroons across from a tiny little Korean restaurant with a 3 wheeler delivery car.

Reminis Cake
Jongno-gu, Gyedong 120-1
Directions: Go out Anguk Station (subway line 3) exit 3 and go left. Make a left at the corner of Anguk Dentist and go two blocks. It is on the left.

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