N-Tower has a New Burger/ Milkshake Shop

I think that finally, someone got the entire concept right. Sure, it is a copy of every cool, burger shop that has ever been, but you shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel to make a decent burger. These gourmet burgers are like Taylor's Automatic Refreshers and In-and-Out Burgers. The burgers are made fresh everyday and so are the buns- which you can easily in their open kitchen. The meat looks fresh and well ground. It is well charred- medium well and the buns are nice and toasty. Is it the best in Seoul as like the title? It's not bad- I really like how homemade it is. They do use quality ingredients (well most of them, if they were truly following the philosophy of "homemade" they might make their own sauces and use organic veggies. They could also be a bit more environmentally conscious by using plates and such instead of paper.) For the price- you can get a burger for about 6,000 won. With fries and a shake you have a complete, classic American meal (scary, isn't it) for about 12,000 won.

The fries are decent, but the shake is cake. I can't remember the last time I had a decent chocolate shake in Korea. This has good quality ice cream with chocolate syrup. The shake is blended enough to be able to easily sip it through the straw- or to dip a French Fry in (guilty).

The interior is great as well with their diner style stools and their is a great view. It's a new place, so that means quality is high but it does take a bit of time to get it. Let's hope that this restaurant will stick to their philosophy of offering high quality, homemade food at decent prices.

Tip: The burgers come with the typical toppings such as onions, tomatos, mayonaise, ketchup etc. If you don't want all this stuff on the burger, you should let them know.
N-Tower's New Burger Shop

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