Sunday Eats: Salmon, Waffle and More Fish

 Sunday was a good food day. After finishing up some paperwork at the office, I was lucky enough to find that we had some amazing salmon in the fridge (leftovers from a catering event we held). We had the fish delivered from the fish market on Friday. It was so fresh that we sliced it and had it as sashimi. Sunday, when I panfried it, it was still delicious. I had it plain with some fig compote that our chef had made for a cheese plate. It was an excellent lunch.

Later that afternoon I met my friend Suji and we went out to Gwanghwamoon for a coffee. We went to the Olleh center and had a coffee. The coffee was not bad, the waffle was. These were Liege Waffles that cost 3,000 a piece. Sure, not expensive but they should taste natural. These tasted like the yeast was left to sit for a while so it had a chemical aftertaste. I hope that the cafe will correct this problem. The Olleh center has a nice porch and it was wonderful to sit outside and have coffee.

After our coffee, we decided that we needed to have a glass of wine. I suggested we go to Congdu over at the Seoul History Museum. I wanted to sit out on their veranda. We ordered the Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc and a fish dish that was made with doenjang: Korean soybean paste. The fish paired wonderfully with the wine and the sauce was very light yet earthy. I have generally been impressed with the food at Congdu and this was no exception. Overall, a wonderful Sunday but it didn't end there. I will have to let you know about the most amazing wine bar that Suji and I stumbled upon.

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