Vegan Bakesale Fundraiser for Japan

I found this great event on Alien's Day Out's website. I'll be going and hopefully you'll have a chance to go as well. It's going to be on April 30th from 1-5pm at Roofer's Bar in Itaewon. Find all the details about this great event by going here:
Now that it's April and we've transitioned into Spring, that can only mean one thing:Worldwide Vegan Bakesale! Vegans all around the globe from Argentina to Uganda are participating in this event and ofcourse Korea has to be represented! Kia and I have teamed up once again and this time, we've called upon several other vegan friends and bakers to throw our second fundraiser (check our first one here).

Come take a cooking class or take a Culinary Tour in Seoul!
Pictures are taken either with my Panasonic DMC-G2 Camera with 20mm Lens or with my iPhone 4G
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