Breakfast with my Korean Mother

Ooma Pyo 
My mother, in normal Korean fashion, called me yesterday at 1pm to tell me that she is coming to Seoul and will be at my house at 5pm. I was like, "Oh, ok." There is no point arguing with a Korean mother and its common for them to just announce they are on their way. It was a good thing that my cleaning lady had come in the morning because I wouldn't want my mother to have to clean my house when she arrived. Of course, I would plead with her not to do so, but I know that she would anyway.

When my mother comes to stay over we often just talk about what is happening in our lives. We like to do this over wine and cheese. My mother never had wine nor cheese until she met me and she relishes them- she says they make her feel luxurious. As a joke, I call her "Luxury Omma." It's cute to see her swirl the wine in her glass as she chuckles to herself- it's something so foreign to her.

And the cheese, she knows good cheese. Her favorites are bleu cheese and aged cheddar. I had to scramble yesterday to track some down. Luckily, I had been shopping a week before to get some stuff, so there was some cheese in the fridge. The convenience store also had some string cheese and some cubed cheese as well. This with some crackers was a good match for the Chilean red wine I picked up.

The next morning is the best part when my mother comes over because she always prepares a simple Korean breakfast with rice, soup, and side dishes. It's a great way to start off the day.

After the meal, I went and got her a cappuccino- another first for her- she said she loved the smell and the taste.
Ooma Pyo's Breakfast

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