Chef's Tour with LSG Skychefs

LSG Sky Chefs in Korea
Today has been an excellent day for me and our company. We have had the pleasure of doing cooking classes and culinary tours for the LSG Skychefs. These are the chefs responsible for many of the inflight meals on major airlines such as Delta, Korea Air, Asiana, Northwest, and Lufthensia. They are in Korea for their Culinary Excellence Workshop. They are learning about Korean Food at the source. Hopefully, they will take these influences and incorporate them into their own cuisine.

Yesterday we had a cooking class in order to make 20 different dishes with Professor Jia Choi. This morning we went to the fish market to taste most of the sea. This included skate, live octopus, a variety of raw fish, jellyfish salad, king crab, sea worm, and a variety of shellfish. Then we were odd to Hansung Kimchi factory. We saw the whole operation there. We are now off to our famous Night Dining Tour. It has been a great day.

LSG Skychefs in Korea
LSG Skychefs in Korea
LSG Skychefs in Korea

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