Job Listing: Be a TV Restaurant Expert on US Cable TV

A major US Cable TV network seeks "Restaurant Expert.”  Premise of the show: You will travel around to different struggling restaurants and give them tough love in order to help them improve.  Imagine kitchen/restaurant boot camp. Food safety & restaurant management expertise is a must.  Former Health Inspectors highly encouraged to apply. Looking for a personality blend of the restaurant savvy & strength of character of Gordon Ramsay meets the cool, unique appearance of Billy the Exterminator. Genuine Southern accent is a plus. Male (though female submissions will be reviewed, too) appearing between ages of 30-50's.  Big & strong personality. Please submit a short video (max 5 minutes) highlighting the following: Kicking butt in the kitchen (your own kitchen is fine.) Show us your BIG personality, your LOUD personality. You're not afraid to swing the bat and tell it like it is, even hollering.  Moaning and groaning about things not being right in the kitchen.  Throwing things and pushing things out of the way out of sheer frustration is good! Let's hear some professional lingo with regards to restaurant terminology-show us you know your stuff. e.g. "What the HELL is going on in here?” "Are you kidding me?!” "What were you THINKING?" These are some good lines to include. Please submit to Jennie Berger via to email address, or send a direct link to a website or upload a link to YouTube. Video submissions should be received latest June 3, 2011 (US time) but ASAP is better.

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