Meet Famous Korean Chef Edward Kwon and be on Korean TV

The QTV reality chef survival show "Yes! Chef" is starting it's second season, and they are looking for 30-50  international (non-Korean)  people to be involved on May 29, 2011. You will be able to enjoy a three course meal and will be asked to evaluate it. And what's best, you will be able to see celebrity chef Edward Kwon in person!  The program is expected to be aired repeatedly both in Korea and abroad, as well as on flights coming into Korea.    Date: 11 am (for roughly 1.5 hrs) Sunday, May 29, 2011 Featuring: Edward Kwon, 8 contestants Location: Scarlett Restaurant in Samseongdong, Seoul   If you are interested in taking part, contact Marie Frenette at before May 25, 2011. We will need your name, country, telephone number and email address.   About Edward Kwon Yes! Chef Sample Episode (Korean) A blog entry about Edward and Yes! Chef:  

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