Korean Icecream and 3 Pretty Korean Girls^^

The sun was out for a hot second today and after my walk I decided to buy everyone at my office some ice cream. Luckily, a convenience store had stuff for sale so I picked up 4 random bars (one I picked only for myself and was unwilling to share) and went back to the office. The first one is a walnut and sunflower bar, the second (서주아이스주) was a frozen milk bar, Ssang Ssang Bar is a double fudge bar and the melona is a honey dew bar. I asked everyone to pick out one at random, but I purposely steered people away from my Ssang Ssang Bar. Unfortunately, Soonim wanted it, so we had to split it. 

I recommend everyone to pick up some Korean ice cream for their friends. It's good stuff and one of the best parts of summer!

Stephanie and Hyejin

Sunim with the Ssang Ssang Bar

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