Korean Icecream: Watermelon Icecream Bar

My Ode To the Subak Ba (Watermelon bar)

6 years past and I still remember thee
A mirage, a pyramid in the summer's heat.
Your red and green promise of refreshment made me seek you out amongst the freezebox.
A weapon against the humid onslaught of summer's blade.
I removed you wrapper to reveal your holy triangle.
I bit the tip, the light flavor of watermelon filling my jowls.
Another bite and I could feel the nutty flavor of peanut.
Oh, you tart, sassy bar
Your citrusy rind tastes just as good as your fruit
Even your black seeds were edible- a bit of chocolate.
You are still my favorite but I wait till summer to have you.
'cause that is when you sing.
That is when you shine.

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