Ritual Coffee to Seize the Day

Ritual Coffee Finca Monte Rey Prada
These days, I'm doing the right thing in the morning and I make breakfast and then enjoy a cup of coffee before heading to work. I have decided that I don't need to bust my back to make sure that I am at the office at 9am. 10am is a good time for me to start, unless I have meetings. It's good to be the boss because the only person that might say something is my business partner (luckily, she doesn't get in to later anyway). I thought it would be best to lead by example, but my employees are very responsible, so there is no need.

Breakfast these days consists of brown rice with some roasted laver (gim), kimchi, and vegetables. I then have a cup of coffee. These days, I'm drinking Ritual from San Fran. This was brought to me by my buddy Michelle. It's an ok coffee. It is medium bodied with a slight acidity and an underlying earthiness. It gets me up and going, but I would really like an espresso (why don't cafes in Korea open earlier!!!).

Good Morning everyone!


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