Incheon Hyatt Regency Summertime Barbecue

Hyatt Regency Summertime Barbecue
The last LTB (Les Toques Blanc, Korea's International Chef's Association) was at the Incheon Hyatt Regency Hotel at Incheon. It was a famous meeting with amazing food. We had a tasting of their summertime garden barbecue. It was a variety of barbecued ribs, salmon, steaks, chicken and much more. There was also a smoker that made some smoked sea bass. They also had an assortment of sauces such as demi-glaces, mustards, salsas, and gravies to dress your meat. Inside they had salads and cheeses (I totally pigged out on all their cheeses).

The most interesting plate they had has the smoked shark meat. I can't say my favorite, but it was there.

The barbecue is totally worth the drive to Incheon, or if you are on a layover, I suggest you check it out. Get more information on their Garden BBQ here:

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