My Ode to Korean Corn Icecream

Korean Corn Ice Cream

The concept seems Alien to my westernized mind, but the yellow wrapper draws me in.
Maybe it is possible for corn and dessert to be one.
Maybe, possibly, inscrutably
As I undress you, I am struck instantly by your bulbous kernels.
No, you are not just the flavor, the jewels of the stalk are there.
You are like a woman with a prominent mustache (I try not to look, but I sneak a peek.)
As I move in for a nibble, the kernel stares back at me...longingly
I almost pull away
drop the stem and leave you as you slowly melt into a cornish puddle on the walk.
But as much as I am repulsed, I am intrigued.
I move in and grab a cold kernel that is imbedded in light corn cream.
The chewy kernel slowly warms in my mouth as my teeth grind away at the hull.
Not my favorite, but I will finish you off.
You are something that everyone should experience
for you make life...

Corn Kernels in ice cream

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