Coffee from Chan Bros and a Pretzel from Wing

Cappuccino from Chan Bros
When it rains I get nostalgic for home and near my home there are places that help me fill that void. Growing up, I loved having coffee at Brew Ha Ha! coffee house in Delaware. I used to work as a barista there and I would waste gallons of milk trying to do latte art and make sweet microbubbles. I got pretty good and even got some awards (and many tips$$).  The guys over at Chan Bros Coffee does a good job with it and I would say that they make the best wet foam cappuccino in Seoul. Oh, and they can pull a good shot of espresso.

Down the street from Chan Bros is Wing Bakery and they make good pretzels. I mean maybe a tad expensive at 2,400 won for one, but...meh...they are a specialty item here. The pretzels are big and they taste authentic- especially when you put some yellow mustard on it (mustard not included).



Soft Pretzel from Wing Bakery
Pretzel with Yellow Mustard from Wing Bakery

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