My Ode to Sang-Sang Bar

Ssang Ssang Bar (Chocolate Couple Bar)
Ssang Ssang Bar, you are the cupid of ice cream.
You are dressed in gold and adorn with a red heart 
Underneath you have delicious chocolate spiked with two sticks.
What am I supposed to do with you Ssang Ssang Bar?
Ssang Ssang bar...
I loathe thee 
You are the chocolate bar shared by couples, but you taste so good, I cannot.
You show the darkness of my soul as I indulge in both halves- one for each hand, alternating between.
Ssang Ssang bar...
if you were larger in size, I would consider sharing (but probably not)
Maybe if I found a worthy beau, I would share.
Ssang Ssang Bar could you introduce me?
Ssang Ssang Bar (Chocolate Couple Bar)

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