Quick Bites: The Spicy Edition in Seoul Magazine

Seoul... digested? A selection of fiery dishes that will lead you into the depths of Mordor
Written by Daniel Gray

A Bowl of Spicy Noodles at Suanla
Beodulgol Yeeyagi: Spicy seafood tteokbokki in Itaewon
Sometimes you need a big, hulking vat of chewy rice cakes, fresh shellfish, octopus and fishcakes doused in spicy sauce. My favorite place to get it is at Beodulgol Yeeyagi in Itaewon. The kitschy walls covered in notes, the hip staff with a flair for good music, and the awesomely, spicy food will leave your lips aflame. The spicy baby octopus is darn good as well. You’ll need the white, soft noodles to cool down your gums when eating here. Be sure to bring some milk or some antacids.
Spice Meter (4 out of 5 Chilies)
T. (02) 797-0167
Getting there: Itaewon Station, Line 6, Exit 4. Make a U-turn, then turn right. At the first street at Chef Meili’s make a right and walk to the bottom of the hill. You’ll see a tent outside.

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Kim Seong-Heon didn’t just make a spicy, Szechuan noodle bar—he made an authentic one. He studied the art of making spicy soup in China before coming back and opening up his noodle bar in Hongdae near the famous Prince Edward “Su” noraebang. The signature dish, suanla noodles, has glass potato noodles and bean sprouts in a spicy, star anise broth studded with ground pork and roasted peanuts. The addition of the sour, aged, black vinegar gives this dish a complex note. I commend the chef for staying real.
Spice Meter (3 out of 5 Chilies)
T. 070-4095-9363
Getting there: Hongdae Station, Lines 2 and Arex, Exit 9. Turn left. At the main road, turn right and go up the hill towards the Hongdae University main gate. At that corner make a right and go up the hill towards Hongdae park and when you get to the corner where you see Prince Edward “Su” noraebang make a left. You’ll see it in the half-basement.

Dong-in Dong: Your stomach will hate you the next morning but…
Daegu is famous for a few things: apples, pretty girls and Dongin-dong Style Spicy Garlic Braised Beef (maeun galbijjim). Of course, you might not be able to make the 3.5 hour trip there, but there is a good substitute over by Sinsa Station. I must warn you: this dish is hot. It’ll leave a ring of fire around your… mouth, and you’ll have to eat bowl after bowl of rice (while using the grains to sop up all the deliciously spicy garlic sauce.) Also, there is so much garlic in this dish that your breath will be able to keep Dracula off the entire Korean Peninsula. Like I said, it’s all about the sauce and if you have any left over at the end of the meal, I recommend you have the spicy fried rice. Oh, and you can’t go wrong with the pork pancakes.
Spice Meter (5 out of 5 Chilies)
T. (02) 516-5765
Getting there: Sinsa Station, Line 3, Exit 6. Make a right at Bean’s Bin Cafe. Dong-in Dong is about two blocks down on the right. There is usually a 20-minute wait.

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