$35 bucks Worth of Groceries in Korea

Buying Groceries in Korea
You can't get as much as you used to get. Oh, and at home I don't eat that well as you can probably see. There is seriously a problem in Korea. Food inflation is going up and there doesn't seem to be much that we can do about it. This is an assortment of groceries that I bought at a local supermarket in a not so prosperous part of town. If the prices at this market are high then I expect that in other parts of Korea it is much higher.

The carton of eggs I got were 3,500 won. That's for 10 eggs (and 1 was cracked). That's 350 won per egg. The kiwi were 3,000 won for 5 (600 won a piece). The cucumbers were 2,000 won for 3 (666 won per cuke). The rice were 2,000 a pack; bok choy was 1,500 for 3; chilies were 2,000 for 5; and the pumpkin porridge was 3,000 for 1 portion. Sooooo... my bachelor's dinner was curry and rice with 1 cucumber and 3 chilies with samjang. (I know, it's embarrassing but when you own a cooking school and do food tours most of the time, you don't really want to cook at home). Also, I was looking for a quick meal that I could make at home while I had to finish up a few papers for work.

My Indian curry was 3,000 won and my rice was 2,000 won. Chilies were 1,200. The cucumber was 666 won so my dinner cost me 6,866 won. It would have been cheaper for me to eat out (which I think is a shame because that means that restaurants are losing money in this economy).

So...what's my point? Young people, start farms in this country and you can become rich. Forget the dreams of working for Samsung or Hyundai. Those are chump jobs.


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