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Taekwon V
Growing up, I remember watching Taekwon V with my mother on a tiny black and white TV with aluminum balls around the antennas. A single move might have disturbed the picture so I remember watching it perfectly still. In Korea, Taekwon V was all we knew and it was the robot warrior we all wanted to have. 
I remember that I saved up money to buy a figurine once and it was my treasure. Going to the Toy Museum in Insadong brought back a lot of memories. It is a fascinating museum with toys from all over the world. There were G.I. Joes and Star Wars figurines and even old gameboys and an ancient cabbage patch kids. 
The one thing I really liked were the bags of marbles in the bags. It was a game that I would play in the sand with friends and I recall being good at it. Now, I don't even remember how to play the game but I remember how I flicked the big marble with my thumb.
Totoman Toy Museum
Across from Samziegil on the third floor in Insadong.
Go out Anguk Station (line 3) Exit 5
All the G.I. Joes I wish I could have had
More Toys
My friends learning about Chickens at the the Chicken Art Museum

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