This is why I am Fat: Burgers, Lamb, and Beer and Popcorn

Beer and Popcorn at CGV
This is going to be a quick post since I am about to go out for a run before I head out to work. These days, I am trying to lose weight, although I do lapse back into eating some things I shouldn't. The problem is that in Korea there is so much to eat (that's good and it's too easily accessible.)

For example, I was headed to to CGV movie theater with a friend to watch Captain America and they were advertising a beer and popcorn set for only 10,000 won. This set included two beers and a tub of popcorn. Of course, we had to get it since we were about to watch Captain America.

Then there is my other little addiction in the HBC (Haebangchon): Casablanca Sandwicherie. Damn it, their Lamb Chili Sandwich is off the hook and it is the perfect drunk food. I've been trying to ween myself off these, but I think I went in for two last week. It's so good because the bread is plush, the ground lamb is flavorful and the additions of chickpeas, lentils, pickles, and potatoes are outstanding. I recommend you stay away or you'll have to join some intervention group like me. Oh, and the other day, Chef Wahlid, made me a banana shake that he sweetened with dates. This was very good and something I will have to look into making myself. I think it might even be good with Korean dried persimmon.

Casablanca Sandwicherie
The Best Burger in Seoul at N-Tower
Since I have been eating these types of food, I have been trying to exercise more. I even went and climbed Namsan Tower, but on the top, this burger joint was just screaming at me to eat. I had to get their Manhattan burger that had mushrooms, ham and swiss cheese on a homemade bun. Their fries are nice as well: they are thin and crisp with a great herb and parmesan cheese mix on them.

Argh...all this talk of food is making me hungry again. However, I am going to go on a run. It's not raining right now and afterwards maybe I'll have some pizza.


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