Noodles with Malay Sauce and Brown Rice with Singapore Sauce at Bao

Brown Rice Stirfry with veggies at Bao
These days I eat pretty healthy and I exercise (My mom would be proud). But I find it is hard to eat healthy outside- especially in the Haebangchon and Gyeonidan area. At home and at work, I usually eat brown rice instead of white but you can't find that at almost any Korean restaurants, so I could forgo the rice (which would make the meal less satisfying) or...I could just eat white rice (which isn't very good for you). This is why I was so happy that I found Bao.

It's a great noodle shop that serves up great plates of noodles and rice with lots of veggies and meat in different Asian sauces. They'll stirfry rice, wide noodles, thin noodles, and...brown rice. 

I love the texture of brown rice when it has a great sauce and stirfried, it is even better. Over the weekend I had the brown rice stirfy with the Singapore sauce- curry with a nice spicy kick. My friend, David, got the wide noodles with the Malay Sauce: Coconut Peanut flavor...nice.

Good stuff and cheap at only 9,000 for a big plate of food:

Price: 7,500-10,000
658 Itaewon 2(i)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
South Korea
Go out Noksapyeong Station exit 2.
Noodles with Coconut Malay Sauce at Bao

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