O'ngo Food Communications is an Exclusive Partner for COEX for Korea Food Week

I am happy to announce that my company, O'ngo Food Communications, is now in an official partnership with COEX for Korea Food Expo. It is Korea's largest food expo. It will be 8 days of food and festivities with a total of eight shows in one. You'll find:

· International Food Fair 
· Hotel & Restaurant Fair 
· Makgeolri Expo
· Premium Agrostock Fair 
· Kitchen Fair 
· Seoul Cooking Show
· Rice Fair 
· Food Packaging Machinery Exhibition
Also, COEX will be sponsoring our Highly-Rated Food Tours food tours for 55, registered overseas buyers as part of a networking session. It's a great way to experience Korea through the cuisine.

More information below.


O’ngo Food Communications culinary tour + networking session welcoming first 55 signups

High-end tour group O’ngo Food Communications, Seoul’s #1 must-see attraction as rated by TripAdvisor.com, has partnered with Korea Food Week to offer a Korea Night Dining Tour Program for overseas buyers. The Korea Food Week team will sponsor the first 55 participants who sign up for the mouth-watering tour, which showcases the best of modern Korean cuisine, nightlife, and drinking culture. For more information, visit the KFE + O’ngo info page here

> VISITOR CENTER > O'ngo Food Tours
O'ngo Food Tours

O’ngo Food Communications is Seoul’s top high-end tour program for overseas visitors, rated #1 on TripAdvisor.com among all attractions listed in the city. O’ngo runs a series of innovative culinary tour programs that introduce Korean cuisine, life, and culture to overseas visitors. These detailed, personalized dining tours have received accolades from media all around the world including Finnair, Food Network Asia, Rudy Maxa’s World, and The Washington Post.

Starting this year, Coex is partnering with O’ngo Food Communications to bring O’ngo’s night dining tours to visitors from overseas at Korea Food Expo. O’ngo Food’s dining tours will showcase some of the best in modern Korean cuisine, with detailed culinary explanations and a relaxed, fun atmosphere. 
Korea Food Expo Official Networking Tour
O’ngo Food’s Korea Food Expo Dining & Networking Tour will focus on modern Korean night dining in the ritzy Gangnam area of Seoul. Overseas visitors can come straight from the show floor at the end of the day, joining other international show guests to experience some of the best in local food markets, street food, Korean barbecue, and Korean drinking culture. 

All tours will be booked exclusively from Korea Food Expo and organized as culinary networking sessions for overseas show visitors. We hope to provide you with both information about the local Korean dining market as well as opportunity for networking and bonding within the international food industry community.
If you’d like to email your inquiry directly, please contact us at:
Sonia Hensley 
Email. shensley@coex.co.kr
Phone. +82-2-6000-1121
Fax. +82-2-6000-1303
Daniel Gray 
O’ngo Food Communications
Email. ongofood@ongofood.com
Phone. +82-2-3446-1607

Come take a cooking class or take a Culinary Tour in Seoul! http://www.ongofood.com
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