Zelen: Bulgarian Food in Seoul

I recently revisited Zelen and it was a great meal. I am so happy that it is still doing well. On the Thursday afternoon I was there, the restaurant was full. I had the bean salad which was an excellent starter along with many other dishes. The yogurt was outstanding as expected. The star of the meal was the stuffed peppers. I am a sucker for stuffed pappers and they are top notch here. The pepper skin just melts off and the rice is fluffy with the savory meat. We also had an stew dish. I forget the name of it but it had potatoes and pork and cheese. Also excellent.

The food here is great. The service can be a bit slow, but the place is so busy that it is understandable. I also wish they had a bread basket or something because there were so many sauces that needed a bit of sopping up. Finally...the place isn't cheap. I recommend you get the couple sets (the coursed meals) or call in advance to order a whole shank of lamb, roast salmon, or rabbit.


Zelen: Fine Bulgarian Cuisine
*** 3 Stars out of 4
Yongsan Itaewon-dong 116-14 2층
010-8072-6714 ‎

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