Vegan, Temple-style Kimbap at Balwoo Gongyang Kong

Dae-Ahn Sunim
I feel quite lucky these days because my good friend, Monk Dae-Ahn is an amazing person and amazing chef. She is a creative and logical person that is pushing the envelope of what is considered Vegan Cuisine. She is like Thomas Keller for she takes Korean favorites and adds her own spin on the dishes. She transformed pork cutlets into Kongkas: bean cutlets and the bean meat is absolutely...meaty. I mean I couldn't believe it wasn't meat. Her mushroom sauce on top is exquisite as well.

Last week she started making kimbap: Korean vegetable rice rolls and these were the best rice rolls I have ever had. The vegetables were all delicious (and organic) and the rice she uses is a mix of brown rice, barley, and other grains (so it is healthy). It is a delicious snack and one that I will have to get the next time I need a snack. 

Here is a mix of different rice rolls she has made.

Balwoo Gongyang Kong
(Located on the 2nd Floor of the Templestay building across from Jogyesa)
Kimbap making
Temple Style Kimbap with Bean Bulgogi

Temple-style Kimbap with Songhee Mushrooms
The mushrooms are like truffles.

Kimbap with all veggie filling!
A set of four kimbap

A Monk that can make Kimbap

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