The Battle for Kebap Supremacy by Troy Zitzelsberger

Written and Photographed by Troy Zitzelsberger
Mr. Kebab
This first time I had doner kebab was, oddly enough, in Berlin.  The large Turkish immigration brought with it what can be considered a new take on fast food.  These swift roll up’s, consisting of either chicken or lamb and various vegetables are a quick, affordable meal.  Meat and vegetables, sounds simple enough, but what makes this sustenance unique is the sauce.  Either a white yoghurt based sauce or a spicy red sauce (for those that can handle the heat.)  To my surprise, there are numerous kebab joints lining the streets of Itaewon.   I have taken it upon myself to try each and every one to find out which is truly, the Kebab Raja.

First stop, Mr. Kebab.  Lured in one late night after pool league with my Turkish friend to ensure there would be no language barrier when I attempted to order extra meat, I approached the counter reminiscent of times past.  After my friend order for me, which I’m glad he did since it led to some authentic soup, I was ready to dine.  

Mr. Kebab Kebab
I, being a fan of the spicier things in life, went for the extra hot sauce.  My first byte was a clean piece of lamb which, in all honesty, tasted quite similar to the typical kebab joint.  Being the gargantuan fan of lamb, I was hoping for something unique.  Next I tried the chicken, which was juicy and tender.  Then came the vegetables which where fresh and the rice which was plentiful, possibly too plentiful.  I am a fan of about 60% meat, 30% veggies, and 10% rice, these ratios where not present on my platter but for the mere price of 8,500 won I couldn’t complain. Now the spicy sauce was the highlight of my meal, it wasn’t as spicy as I usually like but it contained just the proper amount of sweetness to make it a great combination.  

Overall, Mr. Kebab was good and I would recommend it, but the Raja is out there.  The search continues…

Will the real Mr. Kebap please stand up
Mr. Kebab can be found at exit 9 at the Itaewon stop on the 6 line.

Mr. Kebab

127-2 Itaewon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
South Korea

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Troy Zitzelsberger originally hails from Michigan but has lived in Chicago, New York City, Germany, and now Seoul. He is working as an actor (really, no joke) in Korea and he humbly calls himself, "an unofficial food critic." You can find out more about Troy here.

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