Cheryl Jennings from ABC7 San Francisco at O'ngo Culinary School

Cheryl Jennings and me
Cheryl Jennings and Chef Hyejin
I am starting to think that our company is onto something with this whole culinary tourism thing. Our company is growing quickly and we are getting quite a bit of press. Journalists are people and (luckily) they have to eat like everyone else. They have been joining our tours and asking for our cooking classes for stories to do on Seoul. Last month we were asked by Greg Derego if they could feature us in a story for ABC7 San Francisco.  San Francisco is a favorite city of mine so our team was delighted to host them. Emmy award winning journalist, Cheryl Jennings, her husband, and Greg's wife joined us for a Kimchi and Bulgogi cooking class and our night dining tour.

I would like to thank them for contacting us and I can't wait to see the footage. My friends in San Fran, let us know when it airs!

The Man with the Plan, Producer Greg Derego
Our Night Dining Tour Guests
Filming at Kwangjang Market

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