Kwangjuyo Hwajo and Makgeolli Plant

Kwangjuyo Makgeolli Plant
Several weeks ago I was invited along with the members of Les Toque Blanc by Lucia Cho of Kwangjuyo to check out their Ceramics Factory and their makgeolli and premium soju plant. It was an enlightening look into the artisan touches they put into making their ceramics and their alcohols.

The most interesting part was seeing makgeolli being brewed in giant, ceramic onngi. They had Mozart blaring through high-fidelity speakers. I thought this was odd for there were no plants in the room, nor where there any people in the room. We asked Lucia why this was and she told me that it was because the classical music helps with the fermentation process.

After checking out the makgeolli plant we went over to see the distillation process for making their premium soju. We saw the entire process from rice to liquor and the end product was absolutely stunning. It's clear like vodka but with a mouthfeel like a fine scotch. The makgeolli was amazing as well. It was crisp and with a light effervescence.

I highly recommend you check out their products.



Barrels of Oak-aged premium soju
Hwajo Saeng makgeolli

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