Why is there no Food Channel in Korea

Korea is a country of foodies. All day most conversations revolve around food. I am sitting with my mother watching television on Chuseok morning and as we flip through the channels I see shows for food, cooking, housewares, singing and dancing, and documentaries about food. Last night at dinner I listened to my mother discuss with her friends about the prices of food and the history behind a local farm.

Koreans are a people that like variety. This is why, according to Jia Choi, why cruise ships have never been popular with Koreans because they don't like being only on a ship. They want to get out and do lots of different activities. If they travel they really want to travel.

I think this is why Food shows haven't worked in Korea. Olive has had a go of it for a while and they are trying to start up again. I don't think it will work because they are competing with network channels like KBS and MBC. It is hard to get original food content all the time. Now if they could only get western chef shows. I think that would stand out and you would have people like me that used to watch the food network all the time growing up tuning in.


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