Boo! Halloween Round Up 2011

Opps, I don't know why I didn't let you all know earlier about the halloween parties. I guess I have been a bit busy with work. Here are some halloween events people asked me to let you know about. The

Seoulite, Han River Booze Cruise. You can get dressed up, eat junk, get drunk, and then get all green in the face on a boat. Scary huh? On Saturday, October 29th at 3pm

Monster Bash V is going on at the Wolfhound. They will have 1.6million won in prize money for the best prizes.

Shakespeare's Gore and Madness over at Algwha Haek Theatre (Hyewha Station exit 2). This looks pretty darn cool. Here is what they wrote:
Severed hands, dismembered tongues, loved ones driven to suicidal insanity; is this Shakespeare or the set of John Carpenter’s latest Halloween film? Pull your loved ones close, for it is indeed bloody Shakespeare and not for the faint of heart.

Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve, Seoul Shakespeare Company dives into four of Shakespeare’s darkest tragedies: Titus Andronicus, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, and Richard III. Titus Andronicus serves as the brutal frame work for the production. This blood splattered journey, focusing on the mutilation and revenge of Titus’ daughter Lavinia, is not always easy for audiences to stomach.
Here is the link:

Thank you for sending in the events.


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